Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cover Letter

Dear Neighbor:

We are writing to you and your neighbors asking for your support to repave the private
alley between Rutland Square and W. Newton Street together with the access alleys.
Anyone who has walked or driven any of these alleyways recently will not need to be
convinced it is time.

Our goal is to raise $52,000 by April 1 so the work can be done this spring. Without the
generous support of neighbors like you, the work will not get done and the alleyways will
continue to deteriorate, eventually becoming unsafe for vehicles and pedestrians.

Enclosed is a Question and Answer sheet we have prepared that includes many of the
questions we have already been asked and some we thought might occur as neighbors
think about the project. We have also set up a blog at which contains more detailed information.

Given how busy everyone is, we have not scheduled a meeting, although we
can if there is interest. All of us on the committee, which was initiated by the Rutland Square Association, would be happy to talk with you. Our contact information is included below.

We are your neighbors. We are volunteers. And we hope to make the fundraising as
simple as possible. This is our initial request for the financial support of all
abutters as well as any other greater Rutland Square neighborhood residents
who wish to contribute because they see alley maintenance and access as a critical to everyone in the area.

We have calculated the per building assessment at roughly $825. We know these are
difficult times for many. We also know, however, that the alley must be maintained if we, as well as the trash trucks and the police, are to have access to our property.

In fairness to all our neighbors, we ask that all abutters contribute. The alley is a shared
asset and a shared responsibility.

We will assess the level of support in early March to determine whether or
not it is likely that we will be able to raise the balance required to make a financial commitment to the contractor. If you would consider an additional generous contribution, please let someone on the committee know. We may need your help to reach our goal.

In the unlikely event that we determine we do not have, and will not have, sufficient
funds on hand to proceed with signing a contract on or before April 1, we will return all
contributions (minus any fees for credit card transactions) directly to the contributor. And the alley will continue to deteriorate until another group takes a stab
at raising the money at some unknown time in the future. Let’s get this done!
Checks should be made out to RSA Rally for the Alley and sent to:

Kelly Shea
51 Rutland Square, Unit 1
Boston, MA 02118.

Arrangements have been made to take credit card payments through Paypal at our blog.

We thank you in advance for your support and we look forward to a smooth ride!

Janet Bain 39 Rutland Square
John Benjamin 55 Rutland Square
Liane Crawford 49 Rutland Suare
Reinhold Mahler 116 W Newton Street
Marleen Nienhuis 160 W Newton Street
Lois Russell 120 W Newton Street
Kelly Shea 51 Rutland Square
Stuart Watkins 13 Rutland Square
Sue Wilchins 5 Rutland Square


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